Living in Florence has been an absolute dream. I never imagined just how much this experience would change me and truly make me to feel like an artist. The group of scholars that came here with me, definitely formed this experience. We became such a family, and it was wonderful to watch us all grow […]

Ciao Italia!

After a wonderful weekend back in Milan, it was finally time to say goodbye to Italy and return home. On Sunday the 4th of November I flew back to Edinburgh. Isla and I were on the same flight, so it was nice to end the journey with one of the scholars.We managed to get all our […]


It was wonderful to be able to go back to Milan, before I finally returned back home. In a way, it was the perfect way to end this trip and to go back to my first home in Italy. It was slightly surreal going back, it was both so familiar and yet having lived in […]

Ciao Colombo…

After 2 wonderful months of living in our apartment (and 2 days of non stop cleaning) it was finally time to say goodbye to Lungarno Colombo…. This had been our base during our time in Florence, it was our home…And although it had taken time to get the neighbours to be our friends, we had definitely […]

Halloween Eve*

Halloween eve was our last celebrative night at the Colombo House…We all got dressed up as vampires, ghouls, witches, bin bag men and Beetlejuice! Katie, Isla & Will spent the whole day making a beatuful punchy mulled wine whislt I was away in Siena. We had a marvellous feast and spent the evening skyping Harry and […]


I had always wanted to go to Siena ever since I came to stay in Florence, so with time disappearing I decided to squeeze into my last week . It was the day of Halloween, the 31st of October and it was one of the rainiest days I can remember. The skies opened and they […]

Last days in Florence…

My last days in Florence were spent wandering around the city. I was literally trying to capture everything. It really did feel like a sacred time, because I knew that soon I would no longer by there, and in a sense I wanted to be able to have a memory of everything before I left. […]